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I founded my company, IIPA Mobile Electronics Repair, in 2019 and started offering residential and commercial customers my expertise! I have an experience of over ten brilliant years, and I would like to put all of it to excellent use! I want to offer the perfect home automation service and make your property in Lexington, KY a practical and smart place to be in!

Home Automation Company

Home Automation Company

Your Property – Your Rules

My process is one thing – it’s simple and easy, and I require nothing from my customers other than allowing me time to concentrate and deal with the task at hand. Another aspect that draws in more customers is my diplomas and awards in the tech realm. That’s why I started my home automation company. I knew that someone who was inspired and certified and owned special equipment with an easy-to-follow process would be what people needed!

I’m Here to Make Things Easier

My motto, belief, and reason for working have been the same for years – helping people! That’s my priority, and people appreciate it as much as I enjoy offering my skills and expertise on different matters! My home automation service is to serve my customers and provide them with whatever they need, and I value my customers, so I will never stop assisting them!

Call IIPA Mobile Electronics Repair at (859) 228-7899! Request more information about my home automation company! And then request my availability so I can make your property in Lexington, KY according to your needs! I want to help make everything work properly and serve you right, so call and let’s set up the perfect time for an appointment!

Services List

  • Computer and Mobile Device Repair
  • Applications Installation and Repair
  • TV Mounting and Installation
  • Electrical Appliance Services
  • Sound System Installation, Setup, and Repair
  • Guitar Tuning and Repair
  • Air Purifier Installation
  • Smoke Alarm Installation
  • Home Designer